The Malaysian road laws have tend to be very lenient all this while especially in parking and speed summonses, where most roadsters will try to avoid paying or commit bribery, while government officials have a difficult time in getting these drivers paying up. Well, Johor drivers beware, as the government has started implementing the Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system that will be able to detect any outstanding offences that you have on your car, the system uses a high definition camera to capture number plates clearly and is connected to both Road Transport Department (JPJ) and Malaysian Police crime database, hence if your vehicle happens to be in the blacklist, relevant officers will be notified and don’t be surprised if any of them happen to stop you by the road while you are driving peacefully.

According to The Star and, the ANPR system will be implemented in other Malaysian states by June this year and the Johor Baru police department has so far received three ANPR devices, which has been mainly deployed to Malaysian customs and this made a lot of sense since there could be cases of car smuggling or cars with fake license plates entering and exiting the country. So, if you ever want to save some trouble, you had better pay up your summonses and drive safely on the road, most importantly, don’t ever make a ‘donation’.


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