Seagate is in a pinch right now as the hard drive maker is facing a class action lawsuit over its faulty 3TB consumer hard drives.

Filed on the 1st of February, the lawsuit cites the reliability data from Backblaze, a cloud backup privder that builds its own storage pods from consumer hard drives. Based on the data, Seagate’s 3TB HDD has a failure rate that is much higher than other drivers.

“In terms of raw percentages, approximately 32 percent of the Seagate Drives deployed in 2012 failed by early 2015,” the lawsuit states. Furthermore, the lawsuit notes that 68 percent of the drives deployed in 2012 were operational after three years. This statistic is well below Backblaze’s overall drive survival rate of 80 percent after four years.

Seagate faces class action lawsuit over faulty 3TB hard drives 1

The plaintiff in this lawsuit, Christopher Nelson, says that he purchased a Seagate Backup Plus drive back in 2012 and it has “suffered a catastrophic failure with little to no forewarning” in 2014. As the drive was still under a two-year warranty, Seagate was able to send him a replacement. However, the replacement turned out to be a refurbished model and failed less than a year later.

Law firm Hagens Berman will be taking this particular class action lawsuit to the courts and has since posted a contact form for affected Seagate users who wish to join the class action lawsuit. 

Source : MacWorld

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