Most of you out there have definitely heard about LINE, the texting app which makes your day with cute emojis and Anime-esque stickers featured in it. The app company is said to be developing digital butler service to boost its earnings other than its apps and various services.

The source came from inside LINE, who refused to be named. The source claimed that LINE will launch the digital butler service in Thailand and will be expanding to other countries if the service receives good reception from consumers.

The Japanese orginated but Korean owned app prioritizes monetizing its userbase which currently has more than 215 million users. The reason Thailand is chosen for the digital butler service to be launched at is the fact that the country, together with Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia currently stand for 65% of the app’s active users. Apart from that, the LINE Music app, which is like an Asian Spotify equivalent, was first tested in Thailand.

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How will the service work? A source claimed that it will work like a concierge service, similar to the startup Magic in the US, which allows users to request items or services to be delivered with occurring charges. Is such a service feasible for the Asian community? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: Tech Crunch