In a bid to change the landscape of the GPU market, AMD has launched GPUOpen, an initiative to provide code and documentation to PC developers. 

The website states that GPUOpen will be composed of two areas : Games & CGI for game graphics and content creation, as well as Professional Compute for high-performance GPU computing in professional applications. 

GPUOpen will be providing code and documentation to PC developers in order to allow them to exert more control on the GPU. This initiative will affect both current and upcoming GCN architectures such as Polaris as AMD looks to empower developers with ways to leverage some of the hidden features in the APIs of PC graphics. This initiative will also enable easier porting from current-generation consoles to the PC platform.

The key to all of this is open source software, something which GPUOpen has committed to provide. In order to encourage innovation and the development of graphics techniques and optimizations in PC games, the website will be providing developers with full and flexible access to the source of tools, libraries and effects. All GPUOpen software will be hosted on public source repositories such as GitHub as a way to enable sharing and collaboration.

Source : Slashdot


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