Instead of renewing its iPad Air 2 last year, Apple has decided to add on a larger tablet, the iPad Pro. However, Apple is rumored to continue its iPad Air line coming spring this year.

Early alleged blueprints of the new tablet have been surfacing online.

If the images are trusted, the iPad Air 3 will be sporting four speakers, adopting a similar setup to that of the iPad Pro. This may be due to the good reception received from the four speaker-adoption on the iPad Pro last year. 

The images also suggest that the iPad Air 3 will include a rear camera flash, which is an unnecessary feature for any tablet. Maybe photo snapping with tablets will soon be a trend but don’t fully trust these rumors just yet.

If Apple is poised to release the iPad Air 3 this March, we should be getting more juicy rumors and leaks real soon. So let’s wait on!

Source: TechnoBuffalo