Do you rely on VPNs or proxies to access region-locked content on Netflix? Well…I have some bad news for you as it seems that Netflix is going to start cracking down on subscribers who use VPNs, proxies and other unblocking services.

In a press release issued by the company, the company promised that “in the coming weeks, those using proxies and unblockers will only be able to access the service in the country where they currently are”. Netflix has promised that this crackdown would not affect subscribers who have never utilise such services.

Netflix improves proxy detection to enforce geography-based content licensing 1

Netflix’s decision to take action against proxy users is inevitable as the company was criticised by content owners who believe that Netflix hasn’t done enough to crack down on customers who evade geographic licensing restrictions.

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In the coming weeks, subscribers to Netflix that uses proxy services to access Netflix content will most likely stumble into this error message. Do note that the Netflix terms of use does mention that the company may terminate accounts that violates geographical content restrictions, so trying out various other proxy or VPN services may result in a banned account. 

Source : Netflix, Ars Technica


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