I know this game is not new; in fact this indie game is about 4-5 years old. But since the studios have announced its next game, Finding Paradise, I thought it might be a good idea to replay this game together with its 2 DLCs. If not for recommendations from friends, I too would not have found this hidden gem. It is rather hard to sort through the sheer numbers of indie games since you will get either a hit or miss. Anyway, long story short, Finding Paradise looks like a classic RPG, but instead of battling monsters and leveling up, you go through a narrative-style of storytelling with little mini games and point-and-click objectives. 

To The Moon Game Review: Hauntingly beautiful 1

Basically, the story is about two doctors who work for a company that can bring a dying person’s wish to pass by going backwards to the past through his memories. So, their latest patient wishes to go to the moon, and the doctors has to wade through his memories and figure out a way to bring his dying wish to pass, even if it is through his memories. 

To The Moon Game Review: Hauntingly beautiful 2

Don’t let the graphics fool you; this game is immersive and haunting, with beautiful music scores. Paired together will a well-written story and narration by Kan Gao, and peppered with little jokes and puns along the way, Finding Paradise brings a smile to your face even as the storytugs at your heartstrings as you relive this dying man’s memories. 

To The Moon Game Review: Hauntingly beautiful 3

As for the DLCs, both are about 20 minutes long and show some insights about life for the 2 doctors. There are minigames in it which reminds me of retro styled arcade gaming. Nostalgic and honestly, I kind of suck at it. 

This game is available on Steam for PC and Mac, and is now priced at RM23 for the game and 2 DLC minisodes. 

Also, do check out Finding Paradise music and screenshot teaser trailer below. Man, the music is just so hauntingly beautiful. 


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