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Last April, we witnessed the LG G4 and its spectacular leather back cover that fits perfectly with the Millenials working lifestyle. Rumors had it that its successor, dubbed as the LG G5, will present more than just physical changes, but also upgraded and innovative features the company missed on the G4.

Is it true that we will finally see an iris scanning sensor on the G5? What other functions and features should we expect from this handset?

Mobile biometric scanning trend

First, let’s discuss about the iris scanning technology that everyone has been talking about.

Google has been playing with biometric scanners for quite some time. Previously, they included face detecting feature in their Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that could help unlock the device securely. However, various glitches have been found, where a simple picture of the owner can still unlock the device.

Then, who could forget the fingerprint scanning sensors that are still apparent today. Apple made it more popular with the appearance of their Touch ID, which they continue to produce up to this day. Their latest handsets are still pre-built with the fingerprint scanners that secures owners when unlocking the device as well as when making any payment transactions via the handset. This feature has also been included by giants like Samsung.

Today, the iris scanning technology has been one of the hottest topics on the mobile market. Fujitsu shows off their iris scanning smartphone in May; and everyone was just excited to see how other mobile giants could produce their own version. Will LG do a better job in materializing this concept on their LG G5?

What else should we expect from the G5?

Apart from the iris scanners, there are various reasons why experts are excited to see the next LG smartphones. Based on a featured post by the Tech Radar, “LG G5 is another chance for LG to deliver the handset we all know it’s capable of.” Its price tag will most likely play between $300-400 value,similar to its predecessor. The LG G4 continues to be one of the dominating premium handsets on the market. In fact, most January sales didn’t include this device, including the ones from O2, as its value remains competitive to this day. We expect the LG G5 to also dominate the Android competition at least by this year.

Here are some of the top rumored powerful features to see on the LG’s next flagship:

Body: All-metal with more innovative edges
Screen: 5.5-inch, 4K display (3840 x 2160 – 801 ppi)
Processor: Snapdragon 820 with 3GB RAM support
Rear Camera: 20-megapixel with Sony’s ½-inch sensor
Front Camera: 5-megapixel
Battery: more energy efficient, can last at least two days
Leather cover: More premium color selection

There will be improvements in the Knock Code technology, where users can make knock patterns to unlock the handset. However, some believe that LG might take this out as it makes no sense to have both the biometric scanner and the Knock Code together.

It is most unlikely that the company will announce or release a handset this year. But, you no longer need to wait that long as the Korean tech giant might announce it sometime in early quarter of 2016, perhaps around March or April 2016.

Does the LG G5 rumored features excite you? What other functions do you expect to see in the next wave of smartphone this year? Stay tuned on this page for more updates.

Photo Credit: Janitors via Compfight cc

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