Have you always wanted to be a superhero? Or maybe a supervillian? You can sort of relive your childhood dreams of being one with this cool new service where you can 3D print your own face to fit a LEGO minifigure. Funky3DFaces.com offers this service where with just £29.99, you can choose your favorite mini hero or villian figure, select a hairstyle and color, then proceed to checkout. You do need to submit two photos to the company though; one front view and one from the side. Your figurehead (heh) will be 3D printed on sandstone material and voila! You’re a superhero!

Print a LEGO head of yourself just for laughs 1

You can either buy the minifig body from the website or you can use your own favorite minifig – who know? You might want to print a whole case-full of your visage to create a superhero group of clones. Not really sure if this is creepy or cool but to each his/her own. 

Source: Funky3DFaces, Etsy, Facebook

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