Still not through with the Force yet? Me neither and I’m beginning to start liking Sphero, as the company just unveiled a wearable called the Force Band that will let you control the company’s famous BB-8 app enabled droid toy that has recently begin to gross after the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Since you can already control BB-8 with a smartphone app via Bluetooth SMART, the Force Band would make a great accessory and lets you control it as if you have “The Force”.

While the Force Band won’t be immediately available for customers, The Verge’s Ross Miller have explained a little on how the Force Band will control BB-8 and it pretty much works like how you would expect to be if you are inside a Star Wars movie. For instance, wearing the Force Band while resting your hand activates the Droid’s driving mode, and once you lift up your palm like a “Stop” gesture, the droid looks towards you and you will be able to control its moving direction. The usage of the Force Band isn’t as easy as the controls on the app, and its too early to judge its usability at an early stage.

The Force Band is expected to be released in Fall 2016 and its a good thing that Sphero has kept its product future proof, and we should probably see more sales or variants of the BB-8 toy after that.

Source: The Verge


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