Facebook has done itTwitter has done it, Google has done it and now it seems that Microsoft will be warning users should their Microsoft accounts, which includes Outlook e-mail accounts and OneDrive accounts, be targeted or compromised by an individual or group working on behalf of a nation state.

According to a blogpost done by Microsoft, the company will be improving their current notifications system to include attacks that are deemed to be “state-sponsored”. The decision to do this is partly because the attacks done by “nation states” would be far more sophisticated than attacks from run-of-the-mill cybercriminals.

Microsoft further clarifies that these notifications doesn’t necessarily mean that the user’s account has been compromised, but it does mean that Microsoft has evidence that the attacks are very likely to be from governmental sources. The company says that evidence of gathered from user accounts that are suspected to have been targets would not be released until Microsoft is fairly sure that governments are behind the attack, but they promise to inform the user involved should that proves to be the case.

In the meantime, Microsoft has listed down methods as to improve your account’s security.

Source :  Microsoft Blog


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