Over the weekend, mulltiple users have reported that Valve’s digital storefront/client, Steam, has faced some severe malfunctions. These malfunctions were presumably fixed when Valve issued a statement saying that there was an caching issue and that it has been resolved. 

While the caching issue may be fixed, Steam is still very much broken as there are multiple reports that various Steam functions are not working.

Some of the numerous problems that are plaguing Steam at the moment include the inability to search for games in the store, Steam not sending e-mails to users to confirm a transaction or trade, and unresponsive store and community pages.

With all these issues popping up during the annual Steam Winter Sale (or the Winter Fail as it is mockingly called), it is no surprise that Steam users are unhappy with Valve’s silence. Thus far, Valve hasn’t issued any updates on the clients, which can probably be attributed to the Christmas and New Year break. Whatever the case, Valve will have their hands full when they return from their holidays. 

Source : Kotaku


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