Earlier this year, Razer acquired the underwhelming Ouya from a company that underdelivered on promises that were set during the console’s Kickstarter campaign. One of the earlier reports speculate that Razer’s acquisition of the company may mean that the Ouya’s gaming library may be moved to Razer’s own app store of sorts. Now, it looks like said speculation has become true as Ouya games are now spotted on the Forge TV.

A chunk of the Ouya’s game catalogue can now be found on the Cortex Game Store, a digital shop for the Forge TV. While we don’t know how many of those games were directly lifted from the Ouya store as we never owned the Ouya in the first place, we suspect that a majority of the 240 titles available were initially available on the failed console.

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Of course, Razer isn’t just resting on the “laurels” of the Ouya store. The company has launched a developer portal in an attempt to entice fledging game developers to create games for the Forge TV.

Source : Androidcentral