12 years after Homeworld 2 was released on the PC, it seems that we’re getting a new game in the Homeworld series. Recently announced by Blackbird Interactive, Homeworld : Deserts of Kharak, formerly called Homeworld : Shipbreakers, is scheduled to be release in January 20th 2016.

Deserts of Kharak will be set before the events of the original Homeworld in 1999. Unlike the original Homeworld and Homeworld 2, Desert on Kharak will be taking place on the surface of Kharak instead of space. Judging from the trailer for Desert of Kharak, some of the gameplay elements will be returning from the previous 2 games. 

The campaign for Deserts of Kharak will be centered on Rachel S’Jet. Players will navigate the surface of Kharak which will eventually lead to the beginning of the first Homeworld game. Homeworld : Deserts of Kharak is now available for pre-purchase on Steam and retails for RM95 (with a 20% pre-purchase discount, making it cost RM76). 

Source: Steam

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