Prior to November, anyone who uses OneDrive was greeted with 15GB of storage space for free, which is generous when you consider that other cloud storage services don’t usually give out that much space for free.

Then, in November, Microsoft announced that they will be shrinking the amount of storage space offered for free customers, going from a generous 15GB to a pitiful 5GB of space. Needless to say, this change has managed to generate quite an uproar.

Now, Microsoft is sort of backtracking on their changes as they’ll be offering the 15GB of free storage, as well as the 15GB of camera roll storage bonus, back to legacy OneDrive users with a catch.

Users who wish to NOT have their storage space cut down are required to register here by January 31st. Should no action be taken by then, your 15GB of storage will be shrunk to 5GB.

Even if you’re not an active OneDrive user, you should still probably register for this offer. After all, a 15GB is still a significant amount of space and it would be wise to have a backup cloud storage option for emergency purposes.


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