Highly controversial ride sharing app Uber is looking to expand their range of services and will be testing out two new ride sharing apps at two different locations in the US soon.

The first of the two apps is called uberHOP Pilot. Based on Uber’s description, this service acts more like a bus than a regular taxi. Users who use this service will be paired up with a driver as well as commuters traveling in the same direction. The app will give users directions to the meetup point where the driver will pick them up. As the driver is expected to leave promptly, punctuality is of paramount importance for this service. The driver would then drop the user off at a pre-destined stop just a few blocks away from the destination, allowing the driver to drop off the other commuters. This service will be tested in Seattle on Thursday.

The other service that Uber will be testing out is uberCOMMUTE Pilot. An extension of an existing service called uberPOOL, this carpool service allows users to find a driver which is heading to the same destination as they are, allowing both the driver and user to split the cost of the journey. THe different between uberPOOL and uberCOMMUTE seems to be in the amount of passengers as uberCOMMUTE allows more than 1 passenger to carpool with a driver. This service will be tested out in Chicago and will have an operational hour of 6 AM to 10 PM from Monday to Friday.

SOURCE: Uber newsroom


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