Depending on how much of a Final Fantasy VII fan you are, the recent announcements surrouding the game may either cause you to be skeptical, or outright enraged. 

Over the weekend, Square Enix has finally provided a sneak peak at the gameplay of the Final Fantasy VII Remake at the PlayStation Experience.

Judging from the video, the remake will not retain the classic turn based gameplay that was in the original Final Fantasy VII, opting instead to implement the real time combat system found in modern day installments of Final Fantasy. 

Fan reactions to this change in gameplay is split between cautious optimism, skeptism and pure rage.

Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay video revealed; Remake to be split into episodes 1

The change in gameplay mechanics isn’t the only thing that’s different in the Final Fantasy VII remake as according to Square Enix, the remake will be split into multiple parts. According to Square Enix, the data size for the remake is so huge that it necessitates the game being split in to smaller portions. There is no word on the amount of “episodes” Final Fantasy VII Remake will have, but we expect each “episode” to come with its own price tag.

Simply put, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released in an episodic format and it will have major gameplay changes. 

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