During The Game Awards held earlier today, Tim Schafer took the stage to announce that his games studio, Double Fine Production, has plans to work on a sequel for Psychonauts, tittled Psychonauts 2.

Originally released in 2005, Psychonauts is a platformer that centers around a group of psychics in training. It is the first game that Double Fine Productions worked on and has received critical acclaim from many games outlets. 

According to Tim Schafer, the groundwork for Psychonauts 2 has already been laid out. The concept art, characters and narrative are already in place. With those in place, Tim Schafer needs USD 3.3 million from both investors and fans in order to start work on the game.

Tim Schafer is no stranger to crowdfunding. He and his company were among the first game developers to utilise Kickstarter, using it to fund Broken Age which ends up setting some Kickstarter records throughout the funding period. This time however, Tim Schafer is looking at a different platform for Psychonauts 2, using Fig as their crowdfunding platform of choice.

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Fig is a crowdfunding platform that was founded by Double Fine COO Jonathan Bailey, of which Schafer is a member of its advisory board. Unlike many other crowdfunding platforms, Fig allows people to actually invest in a game and share in its profits. Furthermore, Fig would allow non-accredited people, that is to say, non-millionaires, to invest in its games alongside SEC-accredited investors. Simply put, people who fund Psychonaunts 2 can expect more than just a complete version of the game when it gets released.

Psychonauts 2’s funding project has began and will run for a total of 35 days. As of the time of writing, the game has managed to raise USD 568,861.