Like free games? Well, you can now own Jade Empire: Special Edition for free as the game is now a part of Origin’s On The House initiative.

First released in 2005 for the Xbox, Jade Empire: Special Edition is the PC-enhanced version of Jade Empire, a martial arts/wuxia themed RPG created by Bioware.

Being one of Bioware’s earlier titles, Jade Empire was released after Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and just before the first Mass Effect game. Jade Empire features the storytelling and worldcrafting mastery of a Bioware game while improving upon the mechanics found in KotOR. Indeed, the character alignment mechanic was improved upon in Jade Empire, and this improvement would be brought over to future Bioware titles. As the game is set in a world of Martial Arts and Wuxia, many of the tropes surrounding the genre were infused into the world, creating a unique setting that has yet to be recreated in other modern RPGs.

To get the game, all you need to do is have the Origin client and an Origin account. Once you logged in, just scroll through the storefront and redeem the game for free. Hurry though, there is no telling when the game would be removed from the On The House rotation.


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