Following the introduction of the new Audi Q7 in September 2005 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi Malaysia has finally launched the Great quattro in Malaysia.

New Audi Q7 features cool new technology on its Virtual Dashboard 6

In the local launch held at GTower, Kuala Lumpur, Immo Buschmann, Managing Director of Audi Malaysia shares, “The original Audi Q7 was the living embodiment of Audi’s quattro philosophy, combining the capability of an off-roader with comfort and utility of a family vehicle as well as the prestige and presence of a business sedan.”

New Audi Q7 features cool new technology on its Virtual Dashboard 7

Other than the latest cutting-edge design and lightweight contruction of the Audi Q7, paired with the latest generation 3.0 TFSI V6 petrol engine and 8-speed tiptronic transmission, the new Audi Q7 features the Audi virtual cockpit, powered by NVIDIA Tegra X1. Debuted in the TT coupe, the virtual cockpit springs to life upon the press of the Start button. This fully digital 12.3-inch virtual cockpit allows for flexible display of information such as vehicle and engine speed, map representation, and infotainment controls. Controlled via the multifuction steering wheel, you can change between two differently sized representations of the round instruments dubbed as the Classic or Progressive view. 

New Audi Q7 features cool new technology on its Virtual Dashboard 8

In addition to the virtual cockpit, there is also an MMI navigation and MMI touch system incorporated into the new Audi Q7 SUV. The MMI navigation is an additional 8.3-inch central screen that rises automatically from the dashboard upon engine ignition. This allows passengers to have access to all the features of the MMI navigation using the MMI touch located just above the gear knob on the centre console. Features such as 3D navigation, infotainment and telephone features can be navigated using the MMI touch, which is basically a touch-sensitive control panel with handwriting recognition. 

New Audi Q7 features cool new technology on its Virtual Dashboard 9

Using the MMI navigation and MMI touch, you also have access to Audi drive select. On top of the standard Auto, Dynamic, Efficiency, Comfort and Individual settings, the Audi Q7 also features an Allroad mode which prepares for a mixed terrain by lifting the ride height by 25 mm and Lift/Offroad mode which prepares the SUV to go far off the beaten track by raising the right height to the maximum of 60 mm. All these settings can be adjusted on the fly using the MMI system, as long as the SUV does not go above 60km/h.

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Another interesting feature is the convenient connection of the Audi Q7 to the internet using integrated data module with LTE support. This allows you to connect to the internet in order to use Audi connect features, on top of being a Wi-Fi hotspot for connecting mobile devices. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Malaysia as of now. 

There is also an Audi Tablet with Rear Seat Entertainment available as an add-on feature. Basically, it is a standard Android tablet that sports the app to use MMI navigation, as well as media and audio streaming and display of vehicle data. Since the Rear Seat Entertainment includes pre-installed wiring and mounts for the holders in the driver and front-passenger seat backrests, you would need to request for this feature from your Audi dealer as this special Audi Q7 would need to be pre-ordered. 

If you are one who enjoys great entertainment in-car, then you would enjoy the Bose 3D sound system featuring a 15-channel amplifier with 19 loudspeakers for a total output of 558 watts. 

New Audi Q7 features cool new technology on its Virtual Dashboard 10

The new Audi Q7 is retailed at RM 589,900, and available for booking at all authorised Audi dealerships from 30 November onwards.

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