BIOSTAR announces its latest graphics card designed to tackle the needs of gamers with competitive performance – BIOSTAR GeForce GTX 950. The new graphics card features 2GB of GDDR5 memory, with 768 CUDA cores, and support for NVIDIA PhysX and DSR Technology. Now you can game in silence with the Low noise output via its heat pipe cooling design, and be prepared for the latest titles with its complete DirectX 12 support.

The company features NVIDIA’s 2nd-generation Maxwell GPU which boasts highly-improved performance-per-watt versus other cards. With performance intended for 1080p gamers, the GTX 950 is the perfect lightweight card for MOBA games featuring various optimizations to improve your gaming experience while delivering the best performance-per-watt that only the latest-generation Maxwell GPU can offer. This card brings stunning visuals with support for up four monitors; dual-DVI, DisplayPort, and HDMI supported.

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Its features are complimented by a full-array of NVIDIA-exclusive features like GeForce Experience, Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR), Multi-Frame SuperSampling, native PhysX acceleration and other visual improvements is supported for DirectX 12.