For those with a VR headset, you may download and experience Crytek’s Back to Dinosaur Island demo for free. It’s not a game per se, but it’s a pretty stunning demonstration of what VR is capable of at the moment, and it has dinosaurs!. Back to Dinosaur Island was first presented during GDC in March, as Crytek announced Robinson: The Journey with another VR experience that seems to extend the premise of Back to Dinosaur Island.

During June this year, Crytek made an announcement, Robinson will “offer players an unparalleled sense of presence in a game world as they assume the role of a young boy who has crash-landed on a mysterious planet. During GDC, Tyler claim there is a little bit rattled happening which make him realize that we’re going to have to put a lot of trust in the people making VR games.

People who are interested in Back to Dinosaur Island, and you can download it on Steam.


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