The upcoming flagship phone from LG will come with a metal unibody construction, according to the latest rumor from the company’s home country of South Korea. However, if this is true, then this would be the first LG flagship smartphone to employ that material, after four generations of plastic handsets. As you may have imagined, LG’s rumored decision to go with metal for the G5 has everything to do with how successful metal smartphones from Apple and Samsung have proven to be in the past few years.

Besides that, we might see the G5 hitting the streets during the first quarter of next year, around the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S7. As always, take all of this with a substantial dose of salt because for now it’s just one unconfirmed report. Nevertheless, it would make sense for LG to switch to what everyone keeps calling a ‘premium’ material for smartphones, especially since its competitors have already done that.

SOURCE: GFor GamesSmartphone2016


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