Facebook has been going on its quest towards making sharing of things easier, this time, coming up with a new way to let others know what you’re listening to. Dubbed as Facebook Music Stories, the new feature offers a 30-second clip – from either Spotify or Apple Music, of the song or album you’re listening to, instead of posting a link.

Not satisfied with the 30-second preview? You could continue listening to the entire song through the streaming service through an option. You’ll even have the choice of buying the track or album on iTunes through Apple Music or saving the tracks for listening later on your Spotify account.

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At the moment, only those two streaming options are supported but Facebook says it would be looking forward to adding more music services in the future. This neat new feature would allow more music in your news feed, progressing on social network’s audio aspirations. The Facebook iPhone app has Music Stories starting today but there is no confirmation regarding this feature on Android or other platforms of the software as of yet.

SOURCE: Engadget


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