Kenxinda Malaysia unveiled its full range of products at its first media roadshow held in Low Yat Plaza. Kenxinda offers 3 feature phones, 5 smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and its powerbank, aimed at the mid-low market to give quality products at an affordable price. Established in Shenzhen, China in 2003, Kenxinda have had experience in creating products for its customer needs, sales and services to allow them to have the best products with lesser problems.

In conjunction with its official launch, Kenxinda will be offering a smart watch worth RM299.00 for only at the price of RM199.00 on top of a free Bluetooth headset worth RM99.00 in a 3-month promotion. After Kenxinda launch at Plaza Low Yat in Kuala Lumpur, there will be a slew of roadshows happening around Malaysia where you can find Kenxinda concept stores such as Queensbay Mall in Penang and Dataran Pahlawan Mall in Melaka. On top of that, look out for Kenxinda’s roving trucks cruising nationwide as to create brand awareness in the market.

There will be 13 products to be introduced in the market:

  • Feature phone: K68 (RM79), K39 (RM99), 207 (RM119)
  • Smartphone: K528 (RM169), K2 (RM199), K3 (RM299), X2 (RM399), A6 (RM459)
  • Tablets: F1(RM299)
  • Smart Watch: S-Watch (RM199)
  • Powerbank: 5000mah (RM60), 10400mah (RM99), 15000 (RM139)

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