Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it is no secret that we all need to bring just another gadget in case we might find a use for it. However, this might end with having to deal with overloaded luggage or a hand-carry that can break your back. So here we have compiled a few nifty essentials if you ever need to travel light, and yet have all the electronics you need for a pleasant journey.

#1: The Smartphone

This is the one essential item that is possibly the most necessary no matter where you’re headed to. These days, a phone is like a mini super computer that just happens to fit into your pocket. However, with so many devices in the market, what should you look out for if you’re planning to get a smartphone that can aid your travels? For one, it would be great if your phone supports dual SIM as that would be an asset when you’re travelling. You can keep your home SIM in its slot (just make sure to switch off data/call roaming), and insert your local SIM in the other slot, and you can make calls and get connected without having to verify your apps such as Whatsapp and Telegram. Another important feature your smartphone should have is productivity apps and support. If you’re someone who signs a lot of documents, it would be convenient to have a phone that comes with a stylus such as the Samsung Galaxy Note5. Or should you need to be working all the time, then a Windows phone would be convenient since it can sync files on your Windows 10 laptop and phone without any issues. Of course, the most popular feature of a smartphone is the camera. Most devices these days come with pretty decent cameras so you will definitely be spoiled for choice.

#2: The Camera

When I mention camera here, it doesn’t mean you need to pack a DSLR. Since you would be bringing your smartphone with you, and I can safely assume it has a decent camera. However, if you want to capture something more immersive, then it would be great to throw an action camera into your bag as well. An action camera like the HTC Re Waterproof WiFi action camera, or a GoPro Hero is small enough to not take up too much space. It can capture your moments on videos to share to friends later or for keepsakes.

#3: The Tablet

As much as the smartphone can do a lot of things a tablet can, the battery might not survive the flight, especially since you will need it to make important calls and messages. So instead of wasting your precious battery, pack in a tablet like the Huawei MediaPad X2 for entertainment, or like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for reading. You can save movies in your tablet, or store your favorite books to survive a long dreary flight. Should you need to work, you can use a tablet instead of having to bring a heavier laptop, and if you pair it with a small foldable Bluetooth keyboard, typing would be even easier.

#4: The Chargers

Bringing a charger for every electronic device is really a space-waster. So instead of bring the adapters, all you need to bring are the cables and a multi-device charger. You can use something like the Arctic Charging Station or the Arctic 5 Port USB Charger to hook up multiple devices and charge them all with just one plug point. Not only do you not need to pack more things into your luggage, but you can avoid the problem of not having enough plug points at your lodging to change everything. On top of that, if you’re traveling to a country where you need a travel adapter, you don’t need to pack even more adapters to cater to each of your individual chargers.

#5: The Powerbank

This is quite an important support device as you won’t want to be running out of battery when you need it the most, especially when in a foreign country. There are so many types of powerbanks in the market right now, but to ensure you don’t need to be bringing multiple powerbanks which is extra dead weight, you need to look out for 3 things. Firstly, make sure the powerbank has at least 10,000mAh in order to do multiple charges on your device. Why this particular number? Well, most smartphone battery offers about 2,500 to 3,000mAh in capacity. So if you have a 10,000mAh battery, you can charge your phone approximately 3 times before having to recharge your powerbank. Secondly, check the output. To charge your phone faster, look for output of 2.1A instead of just 1.0A. Thirdly, the weight. Since you want to be carrying this around and you are afterall, looking to be traveling light, look for a powerbank that isn’t as heavy as a brick.


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