Attention to all Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) players! There is a popular thread in the official Blizzard forums with a comment from Community Manager Trikslry regarding the balance of Artanis. The topic about this hero has been the talk of the town since its release, however not all of it have been positive. There are a lot of players who can’t seem to handle the Blade Dash (Q), Twin Blade (W) talents and Phase Prism (E).

Despite this, his power level is obvious, as Shield Overload is an incredible trait and the Storm Talent upgrade to Purifier Beam might be the strongest talent in the game. Players are demanding for an answer on “What changes need to happen to make Artanis viable?”. Well, Trikslyr replied, “Like all our heroes, Artanis will receive changes if it’s needed. But, it is probably best to give the hero some time before making any dramatic changes. Our internal numbers indicate that he is near the benchmark we want all of our characters to be at. His win rate is also increasing as players get more experience with him.”

At the moment, Blizzard likes where Artanis is. But, Artanis hasn’t seen any competitive play and it is not because of his power level. He has been universally banned from the Road to BlizzCon opening week matches and BlizzConn itself, as players have not had a chance to try playing using this character. There are chances after BlizzCon where we can get a more accurate look on how Artanis manages in competitive play.

SOURCE: GosuGamer

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