It looks like Intel Compute Stick saw some pretty good response from users, since Intel has decided to reveal a new variation to the Compute Stick and this time, it comes preloaded with Microsoft Windows 10. In terms of hardware, it is identical to the previous version, so the only difference between the Compute Stick that was launched in May and the latest version, is just the operating system.

Although it is more expensive than some dedicated streaming devices, the Intel Compute Stick is actually a full-fledged PC stuffed in an oversized USB stick, although a little underpowered. However, there are some rumors floating around that Intel is in the process of developing new versions of hardware, upping its processor and RAM.

Of course, you can still decide to upgrade your Windows 8.1 Compute Stick to a Windows 10 yourself should you want to save some money and wait for the next generation of the device from Intel.

SOURCE: Digital Trends


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