Granted that we really should be getting out more often, but sometimes having to deal with bad weather, horrendous traffic jams, limited parking spaces, and unholy workloads just makes us want to do everything from the comfort of the sofa. Or bed. Since there are many like-minded people out there, I’ve compiled a list of apps if you don’t want to leave you home.


Must-have 8 apps if you don't want to leave your home 1

You got something you need to mail out? Or need to buy something from the shop downtown but dread getting stuck in traffic? Well, you don’t ever need to leave your house again for these odd jobs if you can hire someone to do it for you at anytime. This app allows you to post a job, and a verified GoGetter will get it done for you. You can pay for the service with cash on delivery, and the cost will depend on the distance travelled. They can even buy you a meal from your favorite cafe; all you need to do is give precise instructions and the next thing you know, it gets delivered to your doorstep.

#2: Happy Fresh

Must-have 8 apps if you don't want to leave your home 2

Grocery shopping for fresh produce can be a pain sometimes, especially when you need just a handful of ingredients. So here comes Happy Fresh, an app that delivers fresh produce from stores around your area right to your doorstep. You can use your current location and the app will find the stores near you, or you can manually input a location, to choose which stores you want to shop from. Not only can you choose fresh produce but wine and organic products as well, depending on which stores are nearby.

#3: Lazada

Must-have 8 apps if you don't want to leave your home 3

All your shopping cravings can be satiated with this app, as Lazada offers a wide range of products from electronics to household items, and even some apparels; all at a decent price. On top of that, Lazada sells not just products that are available locally but overseas as well, as some take some time to reach your doorstep since they have to ship it from elsewhere. However, you can be sure it will reach you, so you don’t need to head to the store to do some shopping, or window shopping if you like.

#4: Carousell

Must-have 8 apps if you don't want to leave your home 4

If you are budget conscious, then you can head to Carousell to score some great second hand items or discounted products. Not only can you buy stuff from the marketplace, you can even sell things you hoarded sometime in your life. How it works is when you see a product you like, you can offer the seller a price and then discussion goes from there using the in-app chat system. You can find all manner of goods whether it is fashion, hobbies and even furniture, and you can arrange to have them all delivered to you.

#5: Food Panda

Must-have 8 apps if you don't want to leave your home 5

Lazy to cook? There is more than just fast food joints you can get your meals from. Food Panda offers delivery service from many different restaurants, so all you need to do is choose what you feel like having for the day. The only thing you need to hope for is that the food gets delivered to you fast enough, so that you don’t start eating your shoes in hunger.

#6: Tesco

Must-have 8 apps if you don't want to leave your home 6

For all the other household items like detergents, your toilet paper and such, you can just order them from Tesco to get it delivered to your doorstep. You can purchase foodstuff as well; basically anything that is in Tesco, you can get it delivered. This is fast and convenient and sure helps a lot when you don’t have to lug all the heavy stuff all the way up to your condo.

#7: Kaodim

Must-have 8 apps if you don't want to leave your home 7

Drippy taps? Aircond blowing hot air? House in desperate need of cleanup? You can hire all sorts of professionals using this app. In fact, you don’t even need to be worried about being overcharged since you can just post up a job, then you will get up to 5 quotations to compare against before choosing who you want to work with. This is great since you don’t need to be Googling for services and waiting for each and every one of them to get back to you after numerous phonecalls.

#8: MRuncit

Must-have 8 apps if you don't want to leave your home 8

Own a prepaid of sorts? Then you can just use MRuncit to get them top-up. Not only that, this app also offers other prepaid payments such as game credits and IDD credits, as well as products for sale like K-pop and anime merchandise. Some stuff seems rather random though, but it doesn’t really matter since you can buy everything just by using your phone and get it delivered to you easily.


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