Xiaomi’s MIUI is considered one of the largest Chinese community ROMs we’ve ever known, if you are looking forward to have the company’s latest and faster MIUI 7 flashed to your old Android device, you are in luck as the MIUI ROM community has successfully ported the system to over 70 devices, and you can head on over here to download the ROM and flash it to your supported devices, make sure you backup your data before flashing and as always, be wary of bugs as MIUI 7 is still pretty much on beta stage even on Xiaomi devices.

While MIUI 7 isn’t available for recent devices like the Galaxy S6LG G4 or HTC One M9, the ROM is available for most year 2014 devices, which includes the HTC One M8, LG G3 and Sony XPERIA Z3. If you are already on MIUI 6, you will just need to download the ZIP file on to your phone and flash it via your phone’s recovery.

MIUI 7 was announced globally two weeks back in India and is launched along with the Redmi Note 2 in China, the new software from Xiaomi brings a couple of new improvements to the user experience, which includes a short video caller ID, improved gallery with facial recognition and baby mode, better battery life and faster app launch speeds.

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