Apple is set to have its September 9th event soon and we are going to expect new iPhones, iPads and possibly a new Apple TV, apart from that the company might be looking to refresh its current lightweight new 12-inch Macbook with more powerful and efficient Intel Skylake processors, as leaks has pointed out two new variants of the Core  processor, namely the Core m3 and Core m5 processors.

The new 12-inch MacBooks are the lightest and thinnest notebooks that Apple has ever released, despite of that they are really pricey and under powered with the current generation Broadwell based Core m processors, the new Skylake processors should introduce better power savings and performance judging from the Turbo speeds that these chips are able to deliver.

In other reports, Apple is also expected to refresh its MacBook Airs with the new Skylake based Core m chips as well with the option of a Core m7 CPU, which technically succeeds the current Core i5 and Core i7 ultra low voltage chips. We shall be knowing more of it in a couple of days soon, and lets hope Apple maintains the price of the new Skylake powered MacBooks.

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