Ever since HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang steps up as CEO of the company, ex-CEO Peter Chou has been extremely quiet ever since its demotion as chief executive and now has been reported to join Digital Domain, a renowned visual effects company that is responsible for Iron Man 3, Chou still remains at HTC to head the company’s R&D team however his second role at this new company could actually mean that HTC could be up to something related to film making or games, given that Cher Wang has shown confidence in the company’s VR headset the Re Vive this year, it would make sense that Chou has got something to do as executive director of Digital Domain.

HTC’s Peter Chou joins visual effects firm Digital Domain as Executive Director 2

HTC’s share has plummeted terribly and has disappointed investors and fans with its HTC One M9 flagship this year, we reported back then HTC’s Cher Wang is promising a hero device for this year and have recently spotted leaked information of the HTC O2, the company’s flagship that comes with a Snapdragon 820 processor and slated for a year end release. As the date of IFA 2015 draws closer, we look forward to see what HTC has got to show on stage.

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