Who wants first dibs on Star Wars The Force Awakens toys? 3

Looks like the Star Wars hype is still ongoing, and this time there will be a global unboxing event to indulge fans of Star Wars across 12 countries, 15 cities and 18 hours. This global unboxing event is part of a global launch of these toys and merchandise revealed for the first time on YouTube. This epic celebration of Star Wars will be hosted out of Los Angeles, with live unboxings beginning in Sydney, Australia (evening of Sept. 2 U.S. time), and the grand finale at Lucasfilm, home of Star Wars, in San Francisco (morning of Sept. 3 U.S. time). You can check out the full schedule at www.starwars.com.

Who wants first dibs on Star Wars The Force Awakens toys? 4

If you are a Star Wars fan in Malaysia, don’t worry as there is also a special event locally for your enjoyment. The Star Wars The Force Awakens toys and merchandise celebration will be held at a Force Friday midnight event at Toys R Us Malaysia, 1st floor, Mid Valley Store from 0001 to 0200 on Friday 4 September 2015. Now, who wants first dibs on Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys? We do!

Other than having a chance to be the first to own these toys and merchandise, there will also be exciting line-up of events for fans and members of the public to participate in, including best dressed impersonator competition and Star Wars trivia with prizes to be won, and goodie bags for the first 300 customers who purchase Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise. Top Toys R Us Star Card Spender for the night will be rewarded with a Limited Hasbro Star Wars: The Force Awakens toy. Are you ready???!!

Here’s a Force Friday preview for you to enjoy!

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