Swyping is a really convenient way of one-handed typing, and Swype has been a household name when it comes to that gesture. The developers has just released a major update, allowing users to add new themes, enjoy a new emoji keyboard as well as upping the game when it comes to numbers and phrase prediction.

The one keyboard theme available for Swype that would make many geeky fans ecstatic would be the inclusion of Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation themes. There are 19 Star Trek themes available and the price rages from $0.99 to $1.99 as in app purchases, or you can go for theme bundles that starts at about $2.99. Do take note however, that these themes are only available for the paid version of Swype going at $0.99, and not the free version.

One thing I find a little weird though, is the number prediction feature. Swype has removed the numbers row on your QWERTY keyboard and instead will predict the numbers as you type. For instance, if you type the numbers in words, it will let you convert them to numbers. I am not sure about you, but I find that more cumbersome really.

Like using emoji? Swype has also included an emoji keyboard so you can put your smiley or annoyed face, depending on how you are feeling. Another thing, if you type in Chinese, then be glad to know that Swype has also boost its Chinese language support by using cloud-based predictions to allow better predictions. Since I am not fluent in that language, do let me know how well that works for you.