Most Windows phone users are familiar with Cortana, but while iOS has Siri, Android users only have Google Now, which don’t really have an identity or character. Anyway, the good news is, according to Microsoft, Android users can now enjoy using Cortana, although it is only now available as beta.

Why is Cortana on Android? Well, if you are a Windows 10 user, you would have already experienced Cortana and in the event you are using an Android phone, you can seamlessly use Cortana easily between both your PC and you phone, hence extending its functionality everywhere to go.

Now, Cortana on your Android will work the same way as on a Windows phone and your PC. With just voice commands, you can manage your appointments, reminders, track important information and tasks throughout your day. However, launching Cortana on your Android differs from how you launch on your PC, as Windows allows you to launch Cortana by saying, “Hey Cortana.” Since Cortana on Android is currently in beta version, we can expect more improvements by Microsoft as it goes through testing.

Bad news for Malaysians and others around the globe though, as Cortana for Android is officially only in the United States. However, if you still want to test it, you can upload the apk file manually into your Android phone downloadable via this link. Be warned though, we will not be responsible for what happens to your phone, so use at your own risk.

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By the way, Microsoft has also plans to make Cortana available on the iOS platform, although there hasn’t been any news on when yet.