It was not too long ago that a friend of mine caught me off-guard wearing my detached Shure SE215 earbuds and she was like, “Are you listening to music on those tiny things?!” and I was like, “Nah! The lecturer was a tad bit screeching in class. Gotta protect my hearing,” and then she was like, “Oh! Too bad. I thought someone already invented those things – wireless earbuds for music listening.”

Shure SE215

An apple a day…Let’s have some Pearbuds instead! 1

Fast forward a couple of months and that day has surely come. Pearbuds are all the rage on Kickstarter today as the team fromPear Designs has successfully done what my friend thought of and made it really cool-looking too!

“Say hello to the future of audio experiences. Say hello to Pearbuds.” is the opening title sequence for the Kickstarter campaign and boy did that video get my attention. With less than a month left to go, the Kickstarter campaign is already backed four times over and there are still a couple of Rewards up for grabs. But before giving all your money away, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the specs shall we?

An apple a day…Let’s have some Pearbuds instead! 2

Aesthetically, the Pearbuds are the smallest bluetooth earbuds that are soon to be available in the market. They are designed to be like pears (hence, the name) and also crafted from premium materials which focuses on style and comfort. The company is bent on being a game-changer by eliminating the need for wires and clunky metal cans while also making the pearbuds extra durable. These earbuds are also water & dust resistant with a IP53 certification which make them perfect for workouts.

“Although sized at only 0.47″, we managed to incorporate balanced armature audio transducers which offer very low noise distortion which are optimally tuned to specific frequency ranges,” Pear Designs mentioned.

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And for those audiophiles out there, you’ll be pleased to know that the Pearbuds is AptX-codec-enabled which ensures that the sound you hear over Bluetooth is CD-like quality and not forgetting that these little fellas also have an ambient noise cancellation feature on-board for a maximum sonic experience.

An apple a day…Let’s have some Pearbuds instead! 3

However, all those bells and whistles will be rendered useless without proper juicing methods (no pun intended). I’m talking about Power Retention & Consumption a.k.a. Battery Life. Well, Pear Designs has indeed developed a breakthrough wireless in-­ear headphone that fits snuggly in your ears and making them last for a whopping 6 hours on a single charge, which by the way, is currently the longest battery life in the market. Coupled with the very nicely designed portable charging case and voila! You’d get another full charge in only 45 minutes. Talk about power!

“The two main points of current wireless earphones on the market were size and battery life and we took that to heart by optimizing the Pearbuds to be both the smallest in the market while having the longest battery life, in order to make the best completely cordless earbud package out there,” quipped Pear Designs.

An apple a day…Let’s have some Pearbuds instead! 4

And that was all the information that I personally needed for me to head straight on over to their Kickstarter campaign and backed the $99 Reward tier.

Fun fact: The $99 Reward tier was gone at the start of the writing of this article but someone backed out and there was 1 available slot left and I didn’t even bat an eye lid – Pearbuds are gonna be mine!

Now the ball is in your park, what will you do with this information at hand? If you’re like me, the Kickstarter campaign redirectshere. Happy Monday!


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