Blizzard previously teases Hearthstone player with the upcoming expansion, The Grand Tournament by inviting a few professional player to try out the new cards that happened in July with two new mechanics, Jousting and Inspire. But, finally the company officially announced that Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament will launch on August 24.

Jousting is the new ability that compels both players to reveal a card chosen randomly from their decks. High card wins, and the winner is rewarded with Joust boost, which can confer a number of different effects, like taunts or health boosts. Inspire will trigger when you use the Hero Power and affects friendly minions who are tagged with the Inspire keyword by boosting their stats, modifying their attacks, or summoning additional allies.

Hearthstone’s The Grand Tournament Expansion Coming on 24 August 1

The new cards will feature the finest of Azeroth’s knights and champions and will go on sale when the Grand Tournament begins. If you not willing to wait and eager to see the upcoming cards inside the expansion, you can take a look over here. Fortunately, Blizzard teases us with this week Tavern Brawl – Grand Tournament that two knights face off! One relies on jousting skill while the other inspires troops to great deeds.


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