Apart from unveiling the GeForce GTX 950, NVIDIA has also announced an extremely cool feature that is coming to the GeForce Experience platform which will allow you to broadcast your own game stream over NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience Share service up to 4K resolution and even allow to have your friends join in the game with its remote co-op feature, sounds darn cool eh?

GeForce Experience Share lets you live stream games and enables remote Co-Op gameplay 1          GeForce Experience Share lets you live stream games and enables remote Co-Op gameplay 2

NVIDIA has simply referred this concept similar to GameStream, which streams your game to a supported NVIDIA chipset Android table however with GeForce Share Experience, you get to have more than just that. By leveraging on NVIDIA’s ShadowPlay technology, all you need to do in a supported game is to press on a predefined hotkey, an overlay will show up which will give you the option to record and broadcast your gameplay to YouTube or Twitch with up to 4K resolution.

With GameStream Co-Op, you can invite your friends through e-mail and all they need is just any computer with at least a Core i3 processor with Google Chrome installed on their machine to be able to watch your game broadcast. What’s even more interesting is that you can have your friend to join in a multiplayer game on your streaming host and have a co-op together, eliminating the need to have two PCs in the same network, and you don’t even need to have a GeForce graphics card on the client side.

The beta for GeForce Experience Share will be announced soon in September and we can’t wait for its arrival here, it sure sounds like exciting times for the gaming community.

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