IFA 2015 in Berlin is just around the corner, and yet LG could not hold in the news of its two latest Bluetooth wireless speakers to join its array of wireless audio collection. LG unveiled its Music Flow P5 and SoundPop 360, both delivering sound quality and portability, and in a lovely range of colours.

The LG Music Flow P5 looks very much like the P7 in regards to its general shape and design. It is part of LG’s Music Flow series, and just like the others in the series, it supports LG’s Auto Music Play feature, which will cause music to be played on the speakers as soon as any audio is in range. It has a rechargeable battery that LG claims to last 15 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. The P5 also has a great mixture of colours, which can suit a multitude of tastes and interior styles.

Another Bluetooth wireless speakers announced was the SoundPop 360, which looks just like a water tumbler so much so people might mistaken it for one and try to drink from it. It is extremely portable and comes in a variety of lovely pastel colours. The small body of the SoundPop 360 and the audio quality from it is actually a collaboration between  LG’s Home Entertainment and Mobile Communications Companies. It features a 360-degree range so you can experience the same quality despite your position around the speakers. It’ll be great for parties or with a group of people, especially since its battery offers 20 hours of audio playback

LG’s expanded Bluetooth speaker lineup and a special edition of Music Flow P5 will be on display at IFA 2015 from September 4-9 at LG’s booth in Hall 18. Additionally, the company’s new wireless range-expanding capabilities will be demoed on Music Flow networks without a router.


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