Some misinformation was going on the internet last week, inside the license agreement before the actual Windows 10 upgrade start. The misunderstood on the license lead to many peoples to believe that Microsoft are able to remotely disabled pirated software (games and apps). This made most of the users halt their move to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 and decide to stay on older platforms or revert back to their older Windows 7. However, the situation is turn around because it’s just a simple misread.

The Microsoft Services EULA is the one which states that Microsoft may “prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorized hardware peripherals devices.” However, this is not the license that governs your Windows installation. It only will pertain to “Microsoft Services” (Windows Store content, Xbox Live, live tiles, etc.) The license governing Windows is the MSLT (Microsoft Software License Terms), and so there won’t be a case of Microsoft reaching out to disable pirated software from running on Windows.

Users that uses Jack Sparrow games or software, now you can upgrade to Windows 10 without worrying anything will affect the applications or games that you will be installing. We personally run Windows 10 on our daily drive in the office and we didn’t face any problems at the moment. However, we suggest a clean install to ensures problem free.

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