I am not sure how many of you use Google Hangouts, but for us at KLGadget, we find it useful when we want to do a discussions with a group of other techies. Anyway, Google Hangouts now has its own website instead of being part of Gmail and Google+. It has now big buttons – which you won’t miss spotting, where you can launch instant messaging, video calls and voice calls easily.

If you’ve noticed, Google Hangouts for iOS and Android has also been updated and it looks just as minimalist as the website. This makes the service much easier to use, and is in line with Google’s Material Design style. With this update, hopefully casual users will use it more frequently, although I still think having to open another tab is still not the perfect solution.

I do like the changing photo backgrounds though. I find this little touch makes the website look good, and at the same time giving photographers a nice place to show off their photographs.

You can check out the website, which is live now, at hangouts.google.com.


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