Nowadays, keeping fit is a trend – a great trend really, since most of us tend to be sitting down most of the day at work. But, did you know, smart activity trackers are now not just limited to people, but to our furry friends as well. Meet Buddy, an LED dog collar with GPS and Bluetooth technology, which does not only track your pooch, but organise its daily activities.

With its LED technology, your dog will be illuminated and very visible in the dark, keeping it safe from collisions and accidents. However, instead of just sticking to one light colour, you can even customise the LED to suit your tastes, or your dog’s. There is an infinite amount of lighting configurations that can even make a rainbow pale in comparison. Good thing Buddy’s creators thought about including an in-built light sensor to save battery, as the illumination can be set to turn on and off depending on the time of day and how much light is in the surrounding area at any given time.

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The coolest thing about this nifty tracker is being able to monitor your pet’s activity. While you walk your dog, or even if it is at home while you are at work, Buddy keeps track of your Fido’s activity levels so you will know when your dog is most active and how much exercise it will need during the week. You can check these information using an app or even on the collar itself via an OLED display.

Buddy can do so much more and not only is it fun and cool to have, it looks good too. It even comes with a charging dock and W-Fi base station; heck it is cooler and offers more features than some of the smart watches around! You can check out this Kickstarter project on its website and be prepared to be overloaded with lots of features for your pooch.

Source: Kickstarter