A lot of people must be waiting for the next upcoming Nexus phones, and this time there will be two makers. LG will bring a more compact 5.2-inch handset and Huawei making the larger 5.7-inch phablet. There are a lot of leaks detail for the specs, but it looks like they will be roughly the same differing mostly in size.

First up is the LG Nexus, it will pack a 5.2-inch with the metal body (probably) compare to its predecessor only plastic. Apparently there will be front-facing speakers (which I think pretty impressive) to bump up the size on the device up to 146.9 x 72.9 x 9.8 mm.

Next, the Huawei Nexus have a 5.7-inch screen in a metal body and has front-facing speakers which similar with the new LG Nexus. The device has a total size at 159.4 x 78.3 x 8.5mm. We figure out that currently is the trend that every new smartphone need to have a fingerprint sensor and USB Type-C because both devices will have it.

There was an earlier leak showed an impressive score from the LG Nexus and revealed a 1080p screen resolution. On the other hand, the Huawei Nexus reported being running with a Snapdragon and a 1440p resolution.

All these is rumors and leaks might change from time to time. But, IFA is just around the corner and we there will be more news that we can get for this upcoming new Nexus smartphones.

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