Having just the same ol’ boring smartphone case can be pretty boring after a while, so what OtterBox did with its new MySymmetry case is to let you switch the style of your case depending on your current mood, or even to match your outfit for the day.

Customisable case to suit your mood with OtterBox MySymmetry 1

With MySymmetry, you can play with its easy-to-install one piece swappable design insert that you can switch out easily anytime you feel like it. Since the OtterBox MySymmetry Series has a clear case back, you can customise the design inserts yourself with your artistic style; all you need is to make your own insert with some cardboard and stationeries. If you expect the MySymmetry to be bulky since it offers good protection, be surprised! This particular series slips easily into pockets and purses, and its dual-material, single layer build makes it one of the slimmest and toughest cases in its class. It still has a rugged construction and a screen bumper to protect your screen from cracking.

Customisable case to suit your mood with OtterBox MySymmetry 2

MySymmetry comes in in a spectrum of colours including red, blue and pink, with grey and black coming soon. It will be available for Apple iPhone 5S/5C/6, and Samsung Galaxy S5/S6. These cases will retail for RM169.

By the way, if you have MySymmetry case, do take some time to join the #MyOtterDesign competition which is now happening live. Design your own insert, upload a picture on Instagram with a #MyOtterDesign hashtag, and the best design of the month wins an exciting OtterBox hamper! Log on to http://www.otterbox.asia/myotterdesign/ for instructions on how to join and win.

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