Giada technology is one of the world’s provider of Servers, Mini-PCs and embedded motherboards proud to announce the F200 Thin Client Series Mini-PC. The F200 is an ultra-compact 4.6-inch x 4.2-inch x 1.2-inch MINI-PC that can easily mount on the back of monitors and Digital Signage displays. This machine feature extremely low 5W power consumption, a dustproof metal chassis, reliable fanless design and 2GB of onboard eMMC flash memory, the F200 is a durable mini-PC suitable for thin client, digital signage, and industrial control applications.

The mini-PC uses a fanless design and efficient processor with a durable metal chassis because the F200 generates little heat for high reliability and long service life. The F200 provides reliable shock and vibration resistant performance with 2GB of DDR3 DRAM and 8GB or an optional 16GB of eMMC flash soldered directly onboard with an mSATA slot allows easy storage expansion.

The F200’s JAHC unattended technology features make it also suited to simple digital signage and industrial installations. There are features like scheduled power on/off, auto power-on after power failures, and more improved the unmanned capability of the F200 allowing it to operate more reliably in the field without constant monitoring and configuration. Besides that, there will have a SIM card slot that allows 3G connectivity for pushing signage content over 3G and the F200 supports HDMI output with Direct x11 and Realtek High Definition Audio.

The suggested retail price will be USD 110 (approx. RM 450), but the availability haven’t been unveiled yet.


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