When I first played Dragon Quest Heroes, I had to struggle trying to read Japanese since my proficiency in that language is still pretty rudimentary. However, good news from Sony Computer Entertainment! They have just announced that the English version for this Action RPG for the Dragon Quest series Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below, will be released on PlayStation 4 on 13 October 2015.

Dragon Quest Heroes is the first ARPG of this series developed by ω-Force of Koei Tecmo Games Co Ltd, famous for its popular Dynasty Warriors franchise.

The following contents will be included for free.

  • Arena Battle + Sub-story: Alena & Kiril
  • Magical Swordsman Battle + Sub-story: Jessica & Yangus
  • Battle of God of Destruction and Massacre + Sub-story: Terry
  • The Biggest Magical Beast Battle + Sub-story: Bianca & Nera
  • Great Demon King Battle + Sub-story: Maya

As a celebration of its release, there will also be many other goodies to be given away, so mark your calendar and wait for the launch!