A 25-inch monitor is a rare size and we’ve hardly seen display sizes like this, ViewSonic’s new VX2573 is a 25-inch wide screen monitor, it has a standard 1920×1080 resolution and according to the company itself, this monitor has in fact exceeded beyond the standard global requirements on radiation emission and emits 30% lesser radiation when compared to its competition.

Equipped with ViewSonic’s SuperClear IPS technology and a 178/178 degree wide viewing angle, this stylish 25-inch monitor comes with flicker free and low blue light technology that soothes the human eye for long duration usage, the 25-inch screen size also offers 11% larger screen estate than 24-inch monitors, which offers an even great entertainment experience. Not to forget to mention, the VX2573 comes equipped with VGA, DVI, HDMI, and MHL ports and a pair of integrated speakers (VX2573-shw), perfect for any devices and peripherals.

A quick check at online retailers, the ViewSonic VX2573 will retail approximately RM950 which sounds very reasonable for such an power efficient and eye caring monitor, we should be seeing this in local retail stores really soon.

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