On PlayStation 4, the PlayStation Plus subscriber will have a better advantage to play online rather than non-subscriber. However, the service also provides the players with a set of free games every month that called the “Instant Game Collection” for your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Previously, Sony has always hand-picked these free games and then revealed them to the public a week or two before the new month rolls in. But, that will change soon, as the company is introducing a new way to decide which games will end up on the monthly rotating list of free titles.

Sony has introduced a new system; Vote to Play. It allows the subscribers to vote for one PlayStation 4 title to be added to the free games roster. The game with the most votes will be added to the collection next month, and surprisingly for the runner-up will be offered with an unknown discount.

Other than that, it’s safe to assume that not every game on the PlayStation 4 will be up for consideration because Sony might narrow down the choices to a select few, and then the players will cast their vote amongst the games presented. This happens because it’s also worth nothing that the voting process doesn’t cover PlayStation 3 or Vita titles.

The ability to play online multiplayer matches, PlayStation Plus provides free games and discounts on certain titles and more details are bound to come soon. Hopefully, this new feature will be beneficial mainly for existing and new PlayStation Plus subscriber.