Searching for a new fighting game but did not want to pay for it? Radiant recently announce the release of alpha test for the upcoming epic fighting game between robots in an epic one-on-one brawl – Rising Thunder. However, surprisingly this game is built from the ground up to be played online. Rising Thunder is developed by Unreal Engine that make the game looks great and it appears you don’t require a high-end graphics card to play this game.

What make Rising Thunder special is because the game doesn’t require you to do combos like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Guilty Gear and etc. Therefore, they include three special moves that you can execute by the press of a key, which includes a quick, medium, and strong attack. After you use the moves it will go into a cool down period and during that period they require to think of another way to attack with either normal attack, throw, or super attack.

The game have 6 different characters at the moment, each of the class has their own special ability that you need to figure out which suit you the most. Besides that, you can change your special skill in loadout before the game start or during the interval between rounds. Each game will take at least four rounds for two games, two rounds each.

Since this game is just under Technical Alpha and the main issue I face is the ping is over 150 ms at the minimum point. For those interested in applying for the Rising Thunder Technical Alpha, you can click over here and wait for the email from Radiant.


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