Tomorrow morning will be the day for OnePlus because they finally will be unveiling their next flagship smartphone – the OnePlus 2. Good news for all Cardboard users because you are able to watch the live VR launch using it and now the app is available for download. However, to the lucky ones will be receiving the OnePlus version of Google Cardboard which was only available last month.

Watch OnePlus 2 launch with OnePlus 2 VR app 1

Don’t worry for those that doesn’t have a Cardboard because you still be able to catch the live launch via the Cardboard app. The company claim that the launch will not be as immersive, but it will still be interactive and amazing. This will be one of the most interactive launching ever been introduced, this device is called the 2016 flagship killer and is definitely building up to be one very exciting smartphone to look forward to.

Watch OnePlus 2 launch with OnePlus 2 VR app 2

The OnePlus Two features Snapdragon 810 processor, possibly one of the largest setback based on comment we’ve seen so far. The company also claims this new flagship phone will run cooler than before and this might be the new 2015 and 2016 flagship killer which its predecessor claim it was the 2014 flagship killer.

Watch OnePlus 2 launch with OnePlus 2 VR app 3

The OnePlus 2 launch will be starting at tomorrow morning (July 28, 2015) at 1000 local time, you might want to take a little of your sweet time off to witness this awesome event by OnePlus. Download the OnePlus 2 Launch app from the Play Store now.

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